tripping through the metros

It’s been fun and a little frantic moving from one city to the other almost every day in the last 5 days. I started off from Mumbai (27 degrees) then off to Delhi (11 degrees) and then Rajkot (25 degrees) before I come back for 2 days to Ahmedabad. Apart from switching weathers it was alot of traveling back and forth across the cities that took a toll and gave me a migrane today. Not to forget that I am in Chennai and then Bangalore from Monday 😀 

What I do realise everytime I have a crazy travel schedule is that I absolutely enjoy the fast moving life. I enjoy rushing through the cities, observing different people and most importantly catching up with friends and family. 

In my opinion, traveling makes you calmer. It teaches you that there is more to life than perfection. We keep striving for perfection while we expect the rest of the world to love us for our imperfections. We keep trying to reach everywhere on time forgetting that we are actually losing out on time to think for ourselves. We want the best in the end, so we settle for a lot of average things right now (infact not knowing if we are ever going to live that long to realise the perfect day!) I wonder why we crib so much about the present when the future could be worse? We crib about flights being late, the trains running late and forget to enjoy a young child trying to figure out how to climb a stair. We crib about the heat and forget to appreciate the person who drives us through it.

As I sip pack my bags for another marathon through the cities, I just wish I do not miss out on more things around me that make me smile but capture them in my heart to make me a better person who is thankful of the time that I got with amazing friends and family…


3 thoughts on “tripping through the metros

    • don’t worry if you want it that bad you will get it! 😀 and besides you better be planning that mumbai trip of trials so that we can have some fun!

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