losing half a glass of wine

(What I find most fascinating about fiction is that it is inspired from facts!)

She curled the last piece of spaghetti, only to lose her half a glass of wine to him.

She picked her hand up to order some more but he held it softly only and asked for something else. She was enjoying the rhythm of the night. There was nothing that she needed to worry about. They were sitting at a cafe by the moonlight and the plates will be taken care of. The drinks kept coming as she talked about what mattered the most. People, pictures and places – the three important pieces of life at that moment. Places changed and the move from the chairs to the couch seemed well choreographed.

She wondered if the things she mentioned mattered but as the night changed colors all that mattered was there was less talk and more silence.

He had said very little in words but everything he did said much more than what she had been trying to narrate. It seemed like a really long film that was moving too fast. In the past 3 hours he had said exactly 5 lines. He was not drunk, he had not even been drinking. That’s when she felt a little uncomfortable and started thinking if she was acting funny and if it was time she picked up her keys and left the comforts of his hands….

As her body moved a bit, and he felt his hands slipping her back, he said, ” If you think you are leaving.. you are wrong. I haven’t even started talking… “

She smiled and said, “When will you begin, only if I stop..?”

He said, “No silly! just when I feel interruption will be entertainment”

(might be continued…)


16 thoughts on “losing half a glass of wine

  1. wow…that’s erotic and titilating…you’ve got to write more, coz it’s mean to titilate and then leave the other person hanging…

  2. hmm…and i just read the part ‘fiction is based on facts’….now let’s see…you have been travelling a lot and therefore meeting new people.hmmm

  3. ha… what a line! πŸ™‚ i’ll remember that, so much wine gone waste so far :p

    on a sidenote, thks for your comments and rolling me. I am not that regular or active though. You seem to have a lovely blog here yourself. I’ll add to mine too.

  4. Thanks Arun! – you must write more yaar.. there’s a long readership you have there.. dont keep them waiting for the excitement. Short but snapshots of prose is fun to read and always welcome you know..

    I am myself quite inconsistent at times.

    • Thanks for stopping by…
      Yeah! well it has to be something interesting. And now that i have come up with this idea and line I am thinking I better write part 2 of it too..

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  6. u said it very well up there……facts are inspired from the past, people and a lot of places.. not necessarily all mine……kinda what happens to me too πŸ˜€

    well written. can be intepreted in sooo many ways! love the open angle to it.

  7. oh wow! i have found another neeti!

    will you please do part two? so i know wat happened in the end? i am one of the uncreative,bred of indian education system kinda person.. i need to know full and final endings… so pliss oblige!

    (ps: if fr creative purposes u cant or wud rather not oblige, i totally understand.:) )

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