losing half glass of wine – part 2

It was pouring and dark. He was rushing to the bus stop so that he could find a place to pick up that call that had been buzzing for some time in his bag. The bus-stop seemed another 5 minutes away. He was wondering if he should take the risk of taking his phone out from the bag…. What if she was calling him from a booth? It was strange; she refused to give him her mobile number. She said she likes being unreachable. That ways he would always say things to her face… He hated the sound of that but on second thoughts when he woke up at 3am thinking he should send her a message he would smile and go back thinking about the look on her face at lunch when he would say it to her.
He made it to the bus stop – only to realise that he had missed some 5 calls. The phone rang again, he picked it up this time (missing the bus was better than missing the call he thought) She said, “You wish to make it really hard for me to speak to you. You think that ways I’ll give you my number huh!” He smiled and said, “That was not the intention and even if it did the magic, I don’t want the number…” She seemed to be excited about something. It was more like the – I have received a promotion kind of happiness in the voice.
So once again you managed to win his heart with some foolish lines huh!, he said. NO this time it was a stupid website that got him hooked on and he wants me to go and spend a week with the production team. Now I am stuck as to what is it that I am going to do there for a week. So I need some ideas.
Ideas are plenty, I am wondering if any of those will make sense around the production team;)…
She giggled and said, “yeah… I am wondering the same – What use will these ideas be without the producer around?”
(will be continued)


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