who am i? I?

It was a room filled with ex-carmelites. Every face shown with pride and some others with boredom. Soon the bored faces were not to be seen around. This was an interesting turn. While I sat watching the crowd going from some 80 odd people to a handful 20 this is what I thought to myself.

I have been through a few cities and a few countries. I have studied in more than 3 colleges and met a few hundered different people from various walks of life. But is it that  I am really made up of?

What is my brain made up of ? At the core, I am made up of those traditional values taught in school. I connect to the discipline, I was asked to follow when I was 6 – 16… What I respect is the people I were friends with in school and what I miss the most, is being the person I used to be then.

I hope today marks the beginning of what I might like to call ‘me’ . The me that wishes to be free but at the same time values the sense of belongingness. I am ‘me’ because I am passionate about every little thing that I do. But I never knew there was a lot who respected and loved me for that…

A much needed realisation, a much needed awakening and a much needed re-union! (Thanks to Ekta who pushed me to go for it)


4 thoughts on “who am i? I?

  1. We all have our core values and secondary orbits that decide who we really are…Gosh!! and when someone asks from himself questions like “who am i”…then these are one of the most difficult questions to answer.
    The sooner we answer this question, better it is… 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting DEV!

      The title of the post was just to stir the idea and get it ringing in more heads than me.. it was’nt much of a introspective attempt but more of a reflection post a re-union at school

  2. How about Dropping the Who from Who am I?, Just ask Am I? and if still tempted to have more adventure even drop the Am, just ask I? I am not sure about the reuslt… but seems interesting.

    • Yeah which is why i has both – Who am I? – and the question I?
      The play had to be around the words and thoughts that is there first an exisitence of the I – and second ofcourse the constituents of that being?

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