Waste finder

A toast to  Shantana Dutta for  turning me into a Waste finder!  I know Shantana from school, never a very close friend of mine then! but II I am more than glad to have met her again (thanks to Henri!)

So let’s begin with a snapshot: Here sincerity shocked me and her focus  intrigued me.  She came across as superbly (and if that’s not a word I found it!) intelligent and I was scared of going and asking silly things to her. So I would envy the people she hung out with and wished to gain some sense so that I could be friends with her someday!  She is by far the cutest person I have ever met and her sense of finding pleasures in the smallest things makes very happy. 

Okay! so this amazing chess player, swimmer and not to forget now an Engineer ( and has done her MBA) is the co-founder of an initiative called Greenergy!  

Greenery believes…


Waste seems the ultimate byproduct of our race to development and lifestyle full of comforts and facilities. With increasing urban population, waste issues – specially solid waste is becoming un-manageable.

Sustainable Lifestyle is all about moving beyond from these waste generating practices – to a more environment friendly way to live. Greenergy Solutions is an initiative aimed to provide urbanites and the like with these green living options – in form of Eco-products, Eco-services and Eco-initiatives. Greenergy solutions is also about – brining innovative solutions to waste issues  – in ways which are cost effective, practical, sustainable and make not only environmental sense but an economic sense too.

I have totally turned that Waste-finder after I learnt about this initiative.  We usually think of the larger organisations thinking these are the people who will be using a large amount of paper etc… So while sitting at the kitli (at the chaiwala’s) I wondered if we could have containers to collect the paper cups and if schools could start getting students to collect the paper that usually makes it’s way to the dustbins.  If you are aware of organisation who could join this revolutionary initiative kindly write to greenergy.in@gmail.com or visit http://www.greenergyindia.com


2 thoughts on “Waste finder

  1. Hey look who s visited your blog! Greenergy is a great initiative.
    My wishes to your superbly intelligent friend. Keep up the great work.

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