a whole new world of happiness

In the last week, I have realised a couple of things.

> A long deep breathe can change a lot more than you think!

> Walking in the morning changes the way you do everything in the day

> Children have a mind of their own

I spent the entire week with a bunch of kids at work.  And it was fun and a bit scary at times. I had to get them to record a whole 2000 questions recorded. It was interesting at times I felt that they were taking more tantrums from me than I was supposed to take from them. I felt pretty bad at times trying to make them understand ‘deadlines’ and pushing them to achieve targets. Trust me they were more serious about getting things done than any one of us can be. They made me realise that it’s very easy to make life interesting. Just keep opening and closing excel files. Keep reading the same question in 10 different voices. Or even better, just walk around the room a couple of time or run in the corridor. This was all ‘accepted behaviour’ – because they were kids!  Would’nt life at work be much more interesting if we were allowed to these things?

Well! This was not enough and God had some more stuff instore for me. I spend my sunday morning with my baby cousins. They were visiting from the USA and I was meeting them for the first time. I have to admit, I felt more akward then they did. They came in with presents and did not care to talk to me for hours without knowing my name. The older one was very comfortable sitting on my bed (with his shoes on) and playing car games on my laptop. He sat there changing the color of different cars.

He would ask me, “Hey do you like green?”

I would say, “Yeah go for it!”

To that he would reply, “OH no you dont want green!”

And I would say, “OK!” – I thought it, see how easy it is to convince people about your ideas!! Why do we make life so complicated when we can simply tell someone, “Oh! – you don’t want this!” LOL

So if this was the older one, I had a more interesting young baby sister. She enjoyed getting on my bed (which was a bit of a struggle, considering she a little less than 2) and getting off it.  She was get on the bed, order me to switch on the tv and then happily get off the bed and walk away to the other room. Only to return in five minutes to do the same thing all over again. I could not imagine, how she managed to enjoy this for a full 4 hours. Yes! I was tired watching her, but she continued to have a huge smile on her face everytime she walked out of the room.

A toast to these little ones, who added a whole new world of happiness to my life!


2 thoughts on “a whole new world of happiness

  1. some of this is an extension of yesterday’s chat… kids have a mind of their own? ooooh yeah they do!! they also have a never ending source of energy.. wish i cud get a supply of that!!

    they are soooo much simpler to figure out than adults…so much more honest and easy to please… gosh if even half the adults were this way, my life wud be so much easier!!

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