life’s like that

lately i have been trying to regularise things in my life. OH! hell it’s tough. It all started with an initiative at work. One of our director’s happened to read “Doesn’t lose your mind. Lose your weight” by Rujuta Diwekar. (Here’s here blog got totally inspired by it and started following what it recommended. Me – being the part of the enthu group (as my MD likes to call us) and desperately in need of losing weight and de-toxifying myself from a year load of medication, pushed him to take a session on ‘healthy living’.

The ball started to roll from that day and has not stopped till date.  So it started from eating every two hours (OH yes! it’s fun, and can be really painful as one needs to think what to eat! I had my apprehensions and so I decided to read the book myself. Trust me, noone has ever made eating healthy sound so much fun and funny! I think she has good content to start her own stand-up comedy club.  So while we struggled to eat every two hours, some of us also decided to start exercising togather.

Once again our healthy director decided to volunteer and teach us yoga in the morning. So while around 30 people attended his lecture, 3 of us turned up for yoga at 5:30 in the morning. It’s only been 5 days  and I already see my mind changing the way it thinks.

> everytime he starts an aasan you feel, this is so not possible. But when you start doing it, you realise nothing is impossible.

> my biggest fights with myself begin from the moment i wake up to the moment i get into the car. Every thing seems fine and flows in a beautiful rhythm after that.

> it’s all the mind’s play. The body is merely a vehicle of what you want it to do.

> Some think waking up is difficult and some other’s like me wake up twice – thrice in the night thinking it 5am and I am getting late!

Life has suddenly changed from waking up 7:30am to waking up at 5:00am! While I sincerely hope that this is what life looks like for years to come, I am scared that the rains and the eagerly awaited break is going to spoil this routine.


8 thoughts on “life’s like that

  1. Wow! Someone’s being a good girl and making real good use of her time. Cheers to you Cinn for taking up the initiative and getting up so early to do yoga! Way to go. Don’t stop the routine, it will grow on you. I’m hoping to draw some inspiration from you 🙂

  2. You talk about healthy food, but i remember you all laughing when i refused to take the cal loaded stuff…..the milkshakes and icecream+coal cocktails… 🙂

    • It’s not about calories at all! and BTW i never enjoyed balaji!!

      I am still in love with biscuits.. it’s just that with eating every two hours and so many different kind of things.. the body does not ask for them! and guess what! – i dont feel like having chai – which apparently is not that great.

      I love this book! you simply have to read it – to enjoy her style of writing

  3. Hm.. now this sounds really inspiring. Was always wondering whether to buy that book or not, but now it seems I should just go ahead, thanks for that feedback.

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