there was a time when I thought confusion was bad. How can one afford to be confused about what they want in life? And then over the past 4 years of working with students and extensive stesearch in education (others did that .. but I helped wherever I could),  I corrected myself and changed my statement to “Confusion – is exactly what we want! – for confusion is the first step to getting things resolved!”

Well! – today I am not just confused but contemplating as well..  Contemplating ways of getting out of it.. and whether to dump the confusion and move on with life. What caused it ?

Well, I took 5 days off last week and decided to go and meet some really old friends. Some pals who had lost touch and some others I desperately needed to meet. And there came a whole new set of introspective days. I thought about what I really wanted, deserved, should deserve and should be expecting.  Everytime I take this absolute breaks I think about moving out all over again.  (Ru RU, i know what you are thinking.. it’s just that time of the year! – when I want to get out of the rut again!) – But I guess this time it’s a little bit more serious.. alittle bit more focussed. Guess even a little bit more frustrated with the way things are going.

So this time it’s paper, pencil, thoughts, plans, actions and there you go…

IF you think you know what i should be doing? where I should be going.. Go ahead.. give me ideas!


6 thoughts on “contemplating

  1. Looks like a major change is coming up in your life. I understood too less of this post, I can recognize the style of writing. I write this way too, when I want to put things out of my system and still not get into the details. I hope you are feeling good after all this thought processing. I hope your friends helped. I hope whatever it is, gets settled. And you feel happy and stay happy.
    Now only you have to say is, amen! 🙂

    • I am totally happy.. just looking to do things differently. I think I have got into a rut of doing things.. Need a major change i guess.! different people.. different work..

      • Totally follow your heart I say, what’s not in your heart can never be in your mind. It’s a relief to know things are good otherwise. And hey me wants a new post re!

  2. “It needs a Chaos to give brith to a Dancing Star” – so we need confusion to really give brith to any thing even worthy of a grain of sand – so have more confusion – and when you get short of it…. ask me – i have just found mine of confusion….. 🙂

    And dont be serious and focused…..thats too much for us Mortals…except..if you are not one of us….and why are you sounding so MBAish….paper, pencil plans…etc.. , when you have decided then why bother about paper and pencil…

    and if you like here’s my suggestion for you next venture… make list of 10 things which fear you most.. and just do them….

    • true… i know i have started sounding like an mba!! 😀 i should just stop behaving like this!! 😀
      Thanks for the suggestion..!! someone cared to rack their brains and tell me what can be done!
      Well one would need a paper and pencil to make the list of 10 things and do them right..
      I think the first one on the list is a bloody big leap! 😀 let’s see how it goes..

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