coming back home

I was wondering what is better, coming back home or leaving for another city. Both seem to excite me equally.  Well it was a long tour and i had been hopping metros again for work. For the first time Delhi disappointed me with the sultry weather but Mumbai and Hyderabad were great breaks. Work was much more than I thought and for some reason my evenings were a little too lonely than they are. I tried long walks, going to the malls, randomly walking through lanes and trying to find things to do but it all seemed too much of a routine.

I realised it’s time, i knocked “‘let’s make changes in life’s ” door. It was high time i wore my sports shoes and ran a couple of miles to see if there was inspiration still kicking in me…

It’s high time I stopped looking at your pictures and hoping the for that hug…


7 thoughts on “coming back home

  1. Wow… AA su Che…but i believe that because you have written it.. it might be something very very deep and important… .
    I understood only one line.. and thats “wearing sports shoes and running couple of miles” – but then why even give our minds even this chance to escape – may be you may not find the shoes.. may be they are not fitting these days… and may be you want to change them as they are nut running shoes but walking shoes…. and may be the shoes don’t want you they too want some change… 🙂

  2. Shall I send you my pic? I can give a hug too 😛
    BTW you are right. Make that change in your life. Stop the daily routine and do something that would make you happy.
    And you didn’t gimme a call that night :-/

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