Losing half a glass of wine – 3

It had been exactly three days and a few walks from the bus stop to my place. I used to wonder what it is that makes that walk seem so long. Was it the dark lanes or the fact that there was noone around. Initially I used to try hard  to concentrate on what he used to say. I used to be scared of the lonely roads. But slowly I got used to the people who were walking my way. Infact they were so familiar that we had started exchanging smiles after the first two days.

Today was the 6th consecutive day when he said, No it’s okay i’ll catch the next bus and insisted on walking with me. The impulsive me, could not stop but ask. Do you really think, “I am a fool..”

He said, “No… but I sure am…”

(The walks continue.. and we relive a foolish dream each day)


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