‘tiny, tiny hai… ” she said.

I asked her, “Kya?”

“Woh bahut tiny tiny hai… woh ekdum ekdum tiny tiny khaata hai…”

I figured that she had picked up this new word in school today and so she kept looking for everything that she could call tiny. It had been an eventful week trying to figure out career moves. I must have spoken to all age groups possibly working (read trying to work!) to see what made sense to them. While painting a canvas of various possibilities I had to pick one such scenario that I could absolutely not live without. That was easy I thought… God knows why I was taking so long.

I realised that I had not been spending enough time with my 3 year old twin. There’s so much to learn, she taught me that there can only be one thing that can be important to you at one given time. It could be a word or a thing or a person. And so, if something else is put in your way just shooo it away.

So everything revolves around ‘tiny’ these days. I am trying to look at the ‘tiny’ difference that you make to my life and give it a meaningful bend.


9 thoughts on “tiny

  1. good che….

    i like the idea … of that one important thing .
    makes me feel life is simple and can be complicated
    only if WE want it to be…

    cool, ur blog made me happy. and yes i will join you the
    next time u catch up with ur 3 year old twin….:)

  2. I want to believe in the CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BURTON…… getting younger as we grow old.. . Now I know where all these wisdom comes from… its from “TINY THE MIGHTY”. Hope to read more adventures of Tiny in future….

  3. and this is the tiniest post of yours so far (as far as I know)!!
    Hope you have a good time with the tiny tot!!
    And looking forward to more posts from you!

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