too much of travel

I am in a state of jetlag (Well!! NO I have not been anywhere except India) but domestic travel itself is killing me alot. The last time I flew back home I hopped from Hyderabad – Nagpur and Indore to make it to Ahmedabad. Yes! there are direct flights but this was the only one that would have got me at the desired time. Fortunately for me it was Kingfisher all through and that made life a bit easy. 

There was a time when I looked forward to going away from Ahmedabad (and I still do) but the frequency these days is way too much. I am getting bored of looking at men carrying pink bags and taking flights which have 99% ugly – old men traveling in the flights. My friends have also decided to disown me and refuse to speak to me as I would end up spending roaming money.

I have stopped taking pictures, because I don’t have the energy to look for interesting shots after 3 hour sessions at schools. Okay! enough of cribbing…

So the good thing in all this is picked up reading through the days. After ages I force myself to read on an early flight instead of going off to sleep. I finished reading ‘The Effects of Light” by Miranda Beverly Whittmore. It’s one of those books you just do not want to put down. Thanks N! Apart from this, I started on two Candace Bushnell books and think will finish them off this weekend. 

Also met some very old friend and thanks to Ms. T happened to spend some amazing hours at the 13th Floor! in Bangalore.

@ those who stopped visiting because I had stopped writing.. sorry and I am back.

@ Nirjar – YES I promise to write more regularly

@ Lively – sorry missed seeing you again, promise to see you soon…:) hugs!



2 thoughts on “too much of travel

  1. It seems you are travelling so much to earn the title of ANARCO POLO! – Explorer the Great, a great men who brought stories from east to west… so we are also awaiting your stories from various part of india – of the ugly and pretty men -of your anguish and joy , from ground as well as from air.

  2. so this is what you have for me? sorry? Huh! But no problem at all. What with both of us going bonkers with the kinda work that we do. 🙂 So when r u visiting next?

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