productive evenings

I have been having rather long, unproductive and sort of boring days. It feels as if i sit in front of my comp, do random things like making task lists, fixing up my meetings and ufcourse the most interesting of them all booking tickets constantly. I really think clear trip needs to start having my name in their Hall of Fame. Since the past few days I feel I am acting like a robot.

8am – wake up
9:30am – at office
9:30 am – 6pm – dont really remember what I do
6:20pm – 10pm stare at the tv
and then there’s sleep.

Everyday is so similar that I have started forgetting what I had for dinner last night or what I wore to work a day before.

Anyways, So I had to give my self a sort of ‘buzz’ so I would wake up and realise that I am alive and kicking.

Last evening I called up Shnuzberry and we went out for a coffee. I sat there staring at the traffic, not affected by the urchins trying to get my attention and sipped my coffee. While she was getting totally irritated by the presence of the ‘oh so cannot tolerate urchins’. We talked about everything that mattered. Mostly heard each other and in some other situations nodded in almost approval. We sat there staring at the 15 somethings deeply discussing how the lecture just did not make sense.

Shnuz mentioned it a couple of times that it was good idea to come and have coffee, my brain registered the remark and was happy to see her face while she was passively smoking. I was done with replying for the day (May be just as effect of having to reply emails) and simply smiled of most of this.

I was wondering what would I do without her. She fills my silence with most the meaningful banter. I wish I could freeze the moment. Why can’t I digitally relive them. Usually I believe there is nothing in the world that is impossible. But there I thought to relive this blissful moment again was actually impossible.

We drove back talking about some other small things that mattered alot and smiled at each other.


4 thoughts on “productive evenings

  1. I had my nephew come to live with us last month, he is 3 years old. You know, his daily routine is just as you mentioned… waking at 8, at 9:30 he opens his office (toy box) and then till 10 PM he would just not stop playing. And I never saw him getting bored, not even once – if he would have company he would play with them, if not then play alone, and never ever he seemed bored with his explorations. Its a wonder how he managed such a “miracle”.

    I hope that you would see the moon that i am pointing to…..


    • well I know what you mean. You remember that little cousin I told you about who could spend her entire day climbing up and down my bed. Well! I wish I was so content and not a workoholic 😀

  2. You’re a workoholic and you know you hate it! But you just can’t help it. That s a soup to be in. LOL 🙂
    I wouldn’t ask you to take a break, just take it in a different perspective. It always helps 🙂

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