change in taste

Today is the day when ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ stops being my favourite movie and ‘The Holiday’ is the absolutely deadly favourite movie of mine.

It not just makes sense but also makes you cry and laugh enough to know that there is much more to life than the past. There are many more people who can change the way your days look than those that have walked away long time back.

Here is a scene from the film that reminds me of every single person (click here to watch the scene) who has held my hand tight and managed to make me walk while I could not even get up from my bed.

“I can understand feeling small and insignificant and and doesn’t matter how many hew hair cuts you get or gyms you end up going to and no matter how many Chardonays you have with your girlfriends you still end up going over every detail, and thinking about what went wrong and how for that brief moment you felt that you were happy…

and then you go somewhere new and you meet people who make you feel worthwhile again and little pieces of your soul come alive again.”

Here’s another one that reminds me I don’t thank the shinning star of my life for the amount he makes me laugh and smile with every little idiotic thing that he does/says (Scene 2) Movies are my life and if you know me well you know how seriously I tend to take them. It’s okay if you cancel dinner or lunch with me. It’s okay if you don’t pick me up when we are going to friend’s place. But it’s just not okay if you are late for a movie or we don’t get tickets for a movie that I have decided to watch. I might sound like terror but that’s what movies tend to do to me.

(Thanks to ‘The holiday’ – I fell in love all over again)


6 thoughts on “change in taste

  1. ‘The Holiday’ is one of my favourite movies too! Someone said she isn’t in a mood to cry when I strongly recommended “Innocent voices”. The way the response came, she didnt appear to be a movie buff!! Well, forget about her…but I hope you watch “innocent voices” and understand that the problems you and most of us have in life are way too simpler.
    And I like this line of yours, thought it might not be true for EVERY situation!!
    “There are many more people who can change the way your days look than those that have walked away long time back.”

    • hmmm..I am a movie buff and you know that!. You know I watch a movie in it’s first week if not on the first day. it’s just that I do not want to watch a war movie right now knowing the kind of state of mind I am in.

      Once again thanks for dropping by.. .when do you start writing again ? ???

  2. At the most one can be thankful to everyone who have walked with us no matter for smaller a duration… for they are sure to meet us again on the next turn….. . And may be the secret to change is being READY for it. The problem is that we are not.. may be we resist any thing which can bring a change. People talk of open mind.. but i have not come across a seriously open mind yet.

    For movies… i suggest two movies K-PAX and Contact.

  3. I love that movie too! Of course, the first time we watched it, we did together. I can still watch it any time. I love both the women characters totally. And I love both the men, the less said the better, it might make me cry, that Jude Law šŸ˜‰ I think it’s so tastefully done, that I can identify with each character…even the little girls who have a tent in their room!

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