blissfully peaceful

A couple of days back I had a huge fight with one of my closest friends. It consisted of everything crying, shouting, ridiculous messages, unending phone calls and some hours of silent cold treatment from my side.

I must say my friend is really patient. The unending tries to make me talk and shout about it was incredible. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do that. I would be scared to confront, to say and hear ugly things.

For over 18 hours this wonderful saga continued. And at the end of it all there was a blissfully happy me. A satisfied me that knew that whatever happens I know I can take my time, agree to disagree and shout about everything that went wrong in the week.

I slept like a child (and have been for the past three days!) after this. Woke up to a beautiful winter morning that was calm and with a realisation that  I had some amazing people around me that make me, me and let me be me!


5 thoughts on “blissfully peaceful

  1. Come here now.. *hugs Anar tight* And how come you felt better without any hugs? This is bad! 😛
    On a different note, where are the fictions? Freezing in the refrigerator?

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