off with my travel shoes…

Once again traveling. This time around I am taking 7 trains in the next 8 days. Sounds exciting aint it? well to me it used to to me around 4 years. But slowly the charm is fading away. Anyways… I was thinking about the insane number of miles I would have traveled till now. I actually feel like taking an account. Thank God for computer systems (and our company happens to have a very hi-fi one!) to keep a record of all the tickets booked in our names in the past years.
While that is one data worth trying to find out, this time I am traveling to visit around 5 schools and helping them with data generated by a diagnostic test. Yes! numbers are scary and to most teacher so scary, that they prefer to throw these sheets in the bin. Will my presence change anything? No.  Just that the sheets will go to the bin, but may get a few red marks and rather half interested glance. So while every annoying (and yes! it is this time) trip that I make to try and make a tiny difference to the way education functions in our country, the list of rather interesting fellow passengers never seems to cease.
I am on an early evening train to Mumbai (the name itself wakes me up!), and across sits a boy in his early twenties accompanied by his dad. He is traveling to Mumbai for a US visa I guess. He cares two hoots about his dad sitting right next to him, and keeps giving me smiles. While they did annoy me, I tried to bury myself in the film ‘Milk’ – which by the way is a must watch. I am hoping I did scandalise a few senior citizens with the hot lesbian make out shots and tried to fast forward a few so that I would not be thrown out of the train for watching an Oscar winning ‘adult’ film in a public place.  The black and white photography gave me goose bums and I have decided to spend Saturday taking lovely shots of Mumbai.
I am slowly feeling a little excited about my trip. I am not at all prepared for the presentation I am to give
tomorrow morning, I have not slept one bit last night (more on that later shhhh…!!), and I carry the guilt of not spending enough time with my parents who have just returned from Japan. (Yes traveling seems to be in genes!)
The evening looks beautiful from these huge windows.  Which reminds me of the amazing evening spent with two of the most intelligent people I know. They beat almost everyone when it comes to knowing the details of things. If I were half as intelligent as either of them then I do not know what I would be doing. It was one of the most productive evenings in the past week. I love tallking about education and definately to someone who listens with patience and opposes the idea. While one of my friend thinks he should not argue with me when I am drunk that is exactly what I like and want someone to do with me whether I am drunk or not.  For that’s what confuses me and that’s exactly what makes me think.
I am going to end this rather long speech with one of the most hillarious and crazy moments of my life from last evening. Shnuz and I were shopping at my favourite stores, I was happily trying a nicely cut skirt in the changing rooms of my favourite store. Shunz had just bought me a wonderful pair of silver and rust earrings. And I needed something to go with it. I twisted and turned to look at the skirt from all angles. I secretly tried to dance as well, just to check if it would work fine for the upcoming parties. While I swayed my hands up in the air, I could hear Shnuz echoing my name in frantic pleasure. It was the puppy yelping kind of sound when he had found a shoe to tear apart in pleasure.  And slowly it started becoming rather urgent as it she had spotted a lark. I ran out of the changing room half knowing and preparing myself for what was coming. I was really hoping that there would be a better ways and times of introducing me to people. Definately not when my clothes were looking as if I had just come out from a steamy encounter from a flight bathroom. so while I adjusted my top and tried to look ‘nice’,  I had to say hello to someone who was least bothered to look at Shnuz, leave aside acknowledging my presence who Shnuz was trying to sell off as the ‘could  be significant one’.  Well as saving grace and a consolation prize I got a rather sweet smile from the other guy. I battled thoughts of crushing Shnuz with verbal shower of curse and shame enough to melt me on a well polished wooden floor. Shnuz was very unsucessful in setting up two people she had been wanting to meet. She had made a million plans of how she would do it in the most non-threatning manner, knowing the kind of guy her friend was. Well it God did make the meeting happen in the most casual and not planned fashion, but not to her satisfaction. The aftermath of this rather hillarious scene is that Shnuz is a little miffed with the man for not giving me due respect and a rather deserved look and me trying to think if I am driving Shnuz a little too crazy with my singlehood.
On that note I hope to find some more stories on this trip and promise to write about it all and daily if possible as promised to Nirjar.

5 thoughts on “off with my travel shoes…

  1. Its a long entry, so i would be reading in two episodes.. just trying to savour the joy of reading it.. like a sweet dish after a meal. So for the TINY DIFFERENCE part – which you are going to make, i would like to tell you about a phenomenon calleed THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT – its part of chaos theory. The butterfly effect tell us that even a flap of wing of butterfly can leads to so small change in air movements – which ultimately leads to huge hurricanes and storms. Chaos theory is a valid part of science now.
    So your interaction with a child and its teacher can in a tiny manner can lead to such tectonic shift in future – who knows..


  2. With every passing day.. its getting clearer and clearer that intelligence is not worth a grain of sand for innocence. As we grow up may be we trade intelligence for innocence.. 🙂 trading diamonds for stones. You are fortunate to have innocent friends with you – who so innocently gives you some of the best moments of your life.. 🙂

  3. Good One. Bit too mixed up at places for my liking. but anything straight from heart makes a good reading :). Travelogues always make interesting read be it Bryson be it Cinnmint :D. And yeah may Shnuz have last laugh .. Amen !!!!!!!

  4. Well, it did sound very interesting, though nothing made sense to me 😀 For some reason you tend to keep everything anonymous, which makes it difficult for readers like me who couldnt make head or toss of what the situation is all about…Like this person who Shnuz (or Shunz at some places) wants you to meet…and worst, you didnt even name what your fave showroom is..Understood that name is not important to explain an incident, but then I have to know the importance of situation and people around you, to devourn as a reader, all the fun you would have had at that time! Some more about your train experience would be interesting 😉

    TINY DIFFERENCE is all what it makes to be a change. Like this Oprah’s caption written on the wall of my office says, you gotta become a change to see change..Guess even Gandhiji said this! By the way, I luv your photographic sense and would want to see more of it, if you ever have plans of putting it here.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Mumbai!!

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