wish for you..

    It’s already been 7 days this new year. Talk about time flying away. It’s amazing how everything suddenly turns optimistic, lively and spinning with a spirit of life.

    I must say it was an interesting start to this year. Thanks to Nandini once again we had a quite but sizzling new year’s eve party. 5 women talking extremely compelling issues of existence.

    So while Shantana snuggled onto the cosy couch with me (ye! we were running short on men that night!), I frantically sent messages to close friends wishing them the new year (Most of whom were so drunk that they really did not know what they were typing or saying.)

    So for each one of you that made life great last year and added zing and ztang to this new year, here’s my wish for each of you…

    Shanu, – for you my life and love a line from Bihkri.. Bikhri, “sach to yeh hai ki hona hai yun, …. phir chalegi hawa manchali… !”

    Raoudie – ‘Just do it!” – I am looking forward to you performing on this number and I am sure you are going to rock the floor.

    Nandini – I am hoping that your dreams on fire get realised, wishing you a coffees, cream and cuddles! and hence the dedication is ‘Dreams on Fire’

    Ekta – For ย being the ย ‘spirit of life’ ambassador ย – Yeh Honsla

    Yalan – For all the fun, pizza, amazing haircuts and dirty looks when I take a picture of you.. my dedication to you.. ‘Tenu leke’

    Manoj – Always think of you when I watch this trailer… ‘Tere Sajda!’ I hope you find someone as crazy as Kajol and enjoy work more than ever before.

    Nee nee – Babloo misses you! for you my hottie, ‘Khwab Dekhe’..; may all your dreams come through…

    Dicky – Hoping that idiots from your office finally find their way out and your life find something more important than – khakhu. Because you yourself could not decide which song it was, I had to go through the entire playlist and listen to all the intros and finally found – Khudayave..

    Kariya – today while driving back from yoga… guess what song played!! – ‘soni de nakhra!’

    Aditya – For the amazing brainstorming sessions at the start of this year! – we will find the rock version of that song! ๐Ÿ˜€

    So the wish for this year .. dance it!! ๐Ÿ˜€


7 thoughts on “wish for you..

    • AAAH!!!! whose the lucky one!!! i m bloody waiting for the calendar to arrive so that i can ensure that we dont clash our brainstorming sessions with your ‘dATES!’

  1. Love the thought behind it…but Yeh Honsla is a very very very very very very (you-get-the-point) slow song. It’s beautiful, but it’s not me no? Ok, so here goes, I dedicate “chunari chunari” to me ๐Ÿ˜€ Lovely posht!

  2. Hey my song is very slow u will sleep….and i wish you the same tht you stick to all your new year’s resolutions and bring Happyness in your life…

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