beyond the nonsense

I don’t like the taste of tea today. Don’t know if it’s the milk that’s burnt or is it me.

Sometimes when you decide to give yourself away too much you tend to you burn your fingers. And It seems as if I have fallen into the habit of trusting too much what people have to say. Can I borrow Karan Johar’s = lie – o – meter?

So what is it that we have learnt in the past few days????

> Don’t listen. Basically don’t listen to your heart and not someone else’s. It’s just meant to fog things around you and make you feel a little lost. It’s more like the puzzle creator I feel. Just tangles everything into one big bowl of Maggie (and trust me this image does not get out of my head) and leave you feeling hungry for more.

> Don’t get carried away into your dreams. Unless they come with realistic deadlines.

> Never break your resolutions!

(Okay so the flavour of this post is angry! – and it shall change to something better in a couple of hours for sure)


3 thoughts on “beyond the nonsense

  1. I liked this… 😀
    “I don’t like the taste of tea today. Don’t know if it’s the milk that’s burnt or is it me.”…wow! I think you write better when you are angry. This is the first post in a long time that came across with your feelings perfectly and in a more organised fashion! lol! Being angry seems to be a way to go for you!

  2. Have you considered the fact that there may be something in the cup, which is making the tea taste bad – there may be nothing wrong with you or tea – Just change the Cup and problem solved.

    Anger, Trust and Dreams – never known any more interesting thing – wish you Trust more than ever, get more Angry and just not stop Dreaming.


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