travel bug or bugger

So once again I have been traveling way too much than I can handle. It’s strange how once upon a time walking on the railway platform seemed like breathing freedom but today it’s almost as if I am dragging myself. I have realised that I have become more particular about the food I eat and the bed I sleep. I guess this has to do with age, too much work, too many things to remember and some completely adorable friends acting funny at times.

So well ya.. in the past 7 days I have been to three cities, taken 4 flights and met atleast 50 new people! It all sounds extremely exciting but not so much when two of these four flights are about 6 hours late… Thanks to Suchi – things seemed smooth sailing 😀 and extremely entertaining.

So while everything around us decided to go completely wrong we decided to shop till we drop, eat till we die and sleep much less than required.


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