what’s in a name?

While work has become like an unconscious activity these days. Some conversations leave you feeling there is some sense and life left here..
Well so over lunch today we were discussing ‘names’. Alot people seemed to have like my name. But I particularly dont.. Not that I feel ‘what the hell were my parents thinking when they named me..’ But I do not have a wonderful meaning to it. so ? I usually have to cook a story for it. Though most people don’t seem to need one.
Anyways so the topic started as I was shocked to find a lot of names that were either unisex or sounded more feminine. I said how could someone marry someone with a name like that? I refuse to do that.
My colleague and tormentor Adit decided to come up with an argument, ‘what’s in a name?’
Well I know Shakespeare dint care much .. and therefore there was not much a do about the name but please it’s about my sexuality! and it’s important..
so well we managed to answer the question.. ‘what’s in a name?” – Well definately the answer to my sexuality and my sexual preferences if not his!”


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