caffeinated again…

Coffee is the solution when u want your thoughts to simmer.

When you want to hold little pieces of glass in your hand and think about them.

When you enjoy these little images playing around while you sit at your doorstep getting caffeinated.The cinnamon is helping me accept that I will need the weed to grow amongst the grass. It’s like you need to be spoilt at some point and enjoy the feeling of being corrupted.

(I never knew your leaving would mean so much more poetry…)


7 thoughts on “caffeinated again…

  1. sometimes indulging is good for us as we tend to berate ourselves more often.. so when the need arises, encourage yourself to be deliciously lazy…

  2. There is a chienese wisdom that the true sign of suceess is when a man can sit by the side of river entire day and never feel guilty of it.

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