what a little trip can do to you…

last week i tripped over mumbai and pune. Strangely Mumbai was not like Mumbai as I was in Belapur. So unlike the whole hustle bustle. Spent two full days sweating in our office trying to get some team members learning how to figure out story boards.

While I tried to have fun it was rather a little forced as the weather in my head and out side the window did affect my energy levels. Ended up going and watching ‘ Date Night’ enjoyed it thoroughly, I guess as i just needed to let go of all the hot air in my head.

Pune set everything right I guess. A lovely glass of wine, long lunch and extensive driving in an unknown city added the much needed mint to myself. I met two lovely people whom I had only spoken to on the phone all this time. I realised how comfortable I was with them even though I had not met them in real life. Totally enjoyed  close friends getting angry about my phone usage and I realised how picky I was with my tastes in shopping.


5 thoughts on “what a little trip can do to you…

  1. lol…I watched date night too…good flick…quite hilarious!!! I liked the 1…2…3….counting scene in the end and the scenes where a taxi gets coupled to their car….ROFL…btw you must watch Hot Tub time machine too!

    • I think we should all try the 1 – 2 -3 sometims.. its a good thing. i think..
      will watch the other film.. when will you start writing again.. ??

  2. Haven’t hear about the wine, the shopping, the movie, lovely lunch.. although, i know of muina raani and she isn’t mentioned here 🙂

  3. I know you enjoyed Pune :). I thank god for that :P. But your phone manners leave a lot to be desire :D. Don’t kill me for such a comment ….

  4. I consulted dictionary and it says “desire” should be spelled “desired” . blame it on my pathetic english :DDDDDD

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