battling with those who win battles for you…

(For all those who read this do remember that it is important to lodge a complaint at the police station. this post is to celebrate the fact that women are the ultimate warriors and that GOD always sends them angels like Aditya who become their partners in fighting crime! )

Last week a colleague (Aditya) and me were driving back from a meeting. It had been a long day, it was hot and we were tired after that meeting. We were enjoying some good music to beat the heat and thrashing some of the things being discussed in the meeting. We came to a certain cross roads which was extremely busy at that hour. The signal turned green, I had barely passed the cross section that my car was hit from the back. There seemed to be loud scratching sound on my right and the push was enough to move my car away. I slowly got hold of my car and brought it to a stand still on the side of the road. I looked back to find that it was an army truck that had hit us and crashed the right hand side back door pretty badly. The door had opened up and we could not force it back in. While we were trying that the truck drove past without stopping.

My legs were shaking but I tried to follow the truck to the next signal. It being a heavy vehicle it could not pass by that quickly. Luckily for us the next signal was closed. Aditya got down and caught hold of the driver and asked to wait after the cross roads.

We noted down the number and driver’s name and called the traffic police. It was amazing how this young 20 something army fellow had absolutely no shame and started shouting with absolutely no logic. The traffic police seemed to be least bothered about the situation and asked us to go to the police station. We asked the driver to follow us, knowing completely that he would not follow us.

While at the police station they tried not to take the complaint by suggesting we were at the cross roads and not in the limit from where they can start taking complaints or the fact that we were people who were earning alot of money and hence did not need to do all this. They tried to convince us that this complaint would not go far as the army office would show them how this truck was not even outside at that time of the day.

I believe in lodging a criminal case and so I said, I do not care what happens I would like to go ahead with my complaint and I think it is important. The man writing all the details down asked for my license number and I rattled off without looking for my card. This sort of took him by shock. I like the look on his face that read, ‘OH I was just going to argue that women driver are so careless but … OH NO! you actually know you driving license number by heart!”

Everything with regards to the complaint went off smoothly thereafter and as expected the driver had not followed us.

As we walked out of the police station, we saw this driver walk in with a huge fellow who asked us to wait and accompany him to the station again. While I was thjnking of rushing my car to the garage – I thought, OH the drama is not over yet! This had to be a really bad day.

While sitting in front of the inspector the driver tried to give all sorts of reasons like he was being accused because he did not wait and the fact that he was at the cross roads (which would mean we are at the wrong police station) and that I had tried to over take him and hit him in the process. I gave up and asked him to shut up and told him that I was going to go ahead with the complaint. That’s when the policeman asked me if I were okay if he got this guy to pay for the damage. I nodded hoping it was that simple.

For another half an hour 3 men and me stood at my car and negotiated the deal and how much he needed to pay. So while most people would have preferred to just go straight to the garage, I chose to taken on some more nonsense for the day and ended up getting paid by the army fellow.

The point is are we even supposed to go through all this? Are we supposed to fight with someone who is actually supposed to be protecting you from others?

I do not think he did it on purpose but the fact that hit me and ran away was something that really got my blood burning. I felt scared but spirited to be fighting for my right. I felt terrible sitting there being stared at by 4 policemen and being asked questions like how much I earn and being told that that was a lot” (indirectly meaning that “OH! you are a woman you have so much money why are you wasting your time and mine) It was assumed that I had my dad and brother providing for me. I felt thrilled telling him a big NO – that was not true!

I love the way you still cannot be doing something responsible simply because you are a woman!


6 thoughts on “battling with those who win battles for you…

  1. A uniform cannot instill morality, humility and other things in anyone, if that was so then world would be much wiser place. Its quite a brave encounter – wherein 99.99% of people would have fled away. Also may be it resonates the lack of capacity of accepting mistakes which is seeping deep in the society – wherein everybody wants to be right every time. Army men or no army men anyone would have fled away in any case. It was brave on your part to catch hold of him – but you know – it would have been more brave on the army person’s part if he had stopped and apologized… – May be “Sometime taking Bullets is more courageous than Shooting one”.

  2. 🙂 Kyan thayu tu aa badhu? And good that the fellow came to the police station…i would have expected him to just run away. And was the truck empty or what?

  3. Good job, gutsy woman! Well, ideally you need not fight or go through all this, but the traffic police is supposed to! Things like these prove how backward we still are and how clumsy our system is!
    How can someone who does not feel responsible for his action be responsible to a Nation? I wont call him an army man! While, it is NOT possible to clean the system, it is QUITE possible to educate the younger generations who would eventually lead this system. That is the only cure!!

  4. I appreciate your guts! You deserve a standing ovation just for standing up for yourself and your rights. WTF does indian police think its doing? By not taking complaints and acting on them, I have heard of many more instances like this. And yes, it has happened to guys as well.
    But you are brave! You sure are 🙂
    Be that way.

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