Life does make you see some interesting days. Days when you just do not want to talk and some others when you can’t stop talking. Some days also include foolish, crazy, responsible and silly in the same moment.

Last week I was in Leh. Sitting in a garden overlooking mountains and a palace. I know this sounds like the beginning lines of a romantic novel. But the place was this perfect. Perfect enough to make you stare in the sky where the clouds looked painted specially for you. Everytime we had these long drives to our exotic destinations I wondered if GOD had some spare time to specially paint these for you. How can some place always look so good. Did these cities we live in looks so pretty at some point in time?

I sat enjoying a cup of coffee and then walked down to the lovely markets of leh. Fixed up my friends and me a ride to Manali and then went off to lunch at the garden restaurant. The fact that I was alone made me feel confident, happy and on top the world.

I had a wonderful book with me (The diary of Anais NIN) thanks to RED SOUL, a bowl of minestrone soup and my diary. I wrote some letters, red a few pages, stared up in the sky and felt good about myself.

I realised I was worth it – the freedom, the disconnect and the smile…


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  1. All good friends in Leh. As I said 3 of my good friends chose to be in Leh almost simultaneously. Now i a awaiting winters here, may Leh come to my city . Bracing myself up.

  2. This is AWESOME! You’re in Leh!!!! On vacation I believe. And hey I’ll expect wonderful pics on mail when you’re back 😀
    And do mail me when you’re back, will call and catch up.
    Good to know things are peaceful with you. How would it not be? You’re Leh’d after all

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