from today you shall not exist..

Do u deserve do be here?? No!
Do you make sense anymore to me? No
Were you ever there for me in my life? Yes.. A couple of times I think..
But how does tht matter??
You were always one of those people who wanted to live your life and fight your battles. Nor did you want to fight them with me and neither were u interested in helping me with mine…

For all that you have not done for me and every single question tht went unanswered.. I bid a bye forever.. This is a promise to me, those who really love me and for those who might understand me..

From today.. There shall be no more stories about you, no more mentions and no more discussions..

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2 thoughts on “from today you shall not exist..

  1. The stories were never about him honey! They were always about you! you lived them! you were breathing those!
    They are and will always be just yours!
    hugs! always and always! 🙂

  2. Is it that easy? To just cut the umbilical cord? To shut the door. To put a full stop. I wish it was, and then we wouldn’t be stuck in this perpetual comma. You inspire me , to write and more importantly, do the same. But I wonder, is it that easy?

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