There is not a single journey that does not teaches you something. Some teach you to make friends, others patience. Some teach you to be cautious in unknown lanes and others give you pleasent surprises..

I have a travel bug in my feet, in the past 10 years I have lived in Australia, been to Bhutan, Bangladesh and london. I have also experienced the pleasures of smaller places like Ratlam, remote villages around Jammu and Dehradun and hopped from one city to the other all over India.

Today we had an interesting conversation at Aura with Abdul Mujeeb Khan. So while it is always wonderful to know that there are others in this world who pursue only what they like to do and hence never think of work as a job or differentiate work and life; what is most fascinating to know is that most of these are filmmakers or designers. Most of us learn to tell stories through art, film and photography. Then tend to leave it for a couple of years but never cease to be the story tellers and do not realise that we might leave cinema but cinema never leaves us!

I guess the artist clan is never afraid of the this constant journey. I know a few who are happy being a part of this quest. It is probably the toughest thing to do and to survive in, But when the ultimate goal is to be a part of a continuous discovery life has tends to get a different meaning

As I struggle to produce good Radio and be able to take along another 5 people in my team, I am slowly discovering that ultimate pleasure is when you are able to pass on the joy of creating something to the other person. It is very tough to get the other person to experience your joys while you fight several ideas to create something meaningful. Over the years this goal nurtures itself and becomes more focussed but at the core it is the pleasure of being able to pass on the passion.

People, places and experiences tend to rebuild you, your beliefs and your faith in life. Its most important to know that when you are committed towards what you believe in, it is going to be a fulfilling experience. It might be painful – but life is made up of a little bit of everything. I believe that when decides to give these unknown paths a try, one needs to remember that she shall fail. But when you fail, you know that you are trying, you are moving ahead and you are learning to find success in hidden caves of imagination.

A toast to those who believe in the journey and share this passion!


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