letters unwritten, some unsent

(A few years back I had written a post titled, ‘ ‘ for those who mattered..  Ever since then I had stopped writing letters. I feel the need to start again.. )

To my dear purple,

It been sometime since you left this city. the city never looked the same color purple ever since that last evening we spend at your doorstep. I still try to walk on to that gate once in a while, look for the same dried leaves in the drive way. I feel like sitting there alone, sometimes I do and look up to see if the sky looks the same. I try to find the star that I stared at when you asked some difficult questions… Its very easy to walk from this city but its tough to take the city out from your soul. That’s why when either one of is back in the city (Ahmedabad) everything seems to fall into place.

I love you for you have taught me to walk the uncertain path, you’ve taught me to trust people and love them with all their faults…

(There are alot of letters that are unsent, and the series will contine in and out…)


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