radio raaga

When you start working in Radio you go through a couple of changes in your head. Everything and every sound is very interesting to you. You start imagining everything as to what will the listener think about it. All the potholes, films, people start becoming show content. And your friends becoming feedback givers (although they understand very little).
You know its funny but although one tends to make many changes to the way radio sounds for people, their complaint with it has remained the same. ‘Jocks talk to too much and there are just too many ads’

I sometimes wonder if anything we do ever matters. And another thought that amuses me often is that if people hate the radio so much then why do they not stop listening to it? How is it that they still know whats the latest on it?

So well why everyone I meet has a different opinion and not to forget only negative, Its good to know that they are still listening. Radio programming never gets boring because the story changes every minute, every hour and every day. Another thing to remember is the slight surprise factor that it offers with music and other elements. That is the reason people listen to it and keep coming back.

So radio is my first love and education second. I wish there is a day when I do interesting, informative and influential radio programming. I love being remembered as a jock but would like to grow up from there on.

Tune in for more crazy radio stuff and do send me your questions too…


3 thoughts on “radio raaga

  1. Same Pinch ! People become content and your friends, family members and others become feedback givers.
    even your dudhwalas and jhaduwalas become show content ! you try to find content everywhere.. u try to imagine the world through voices !
    aavaz ki duniya – a new talk radio everywhere and anywhere you go ! but same thing does it matter to others ??
    but I don’t care because Radio is my first love !! 🙂

  2. This post is so true.. could not agree more!! Even whenever i tune in to some radio and listen to some ‘Ambawadi’ type ads, I complain about it (confession). Radio can not do without ad coz it is business for them and Listeners can not tolerate them bcoz it is entertainment for them!

    Nothing much can be done about it other than changing frequencies frequently!! 😛

    • YA well! kuch to karna padega.. some new formats needed.. lets see what happens.. there’s alot that is instore for radio in its phase 3 as they call it

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