winds and wanderings!

I usually prefer to take the state transport from Vadodara to Ahmedabad. A lot of people might just reject this bus with the look of it. Haan bahar se its in a really rickety condition. But what needs to be enjoyed is the people. Their hearts and lives are the most inspiring.

Most these people barely manage to pay this ticket fare and some others like me enjoy the frequency and convenience of finding a bus waiting to take you to your destination.

I took an early bus on a Monday morning from Vadodara. Usually take the night ones as I am going home. What was constant was the lovely breeze. The winds greet you all through the highway.

Yesterday there was interesting family on board. About 7 people (3 couples) with 4 kids. All traveling from Vadodara to Ahmedabad for a vacation break. It was amazing to see little faces beam with joy as they boarded the bus.

While I was hoping noone would squeeze too close to me, these kids squeezed themselves one seat and enjoyed the ride talking about how they were excited to go to Mehsana water park.

While the rest of the world talks about going to the himalayas, a husband was telling his wife how it would be a good idea to go to Saputara or Shirdi for a break.

I looked through my list of ‘places yet to shoot’ and realised how ‘exotic’ and ‘exciting’ were found rarely. It was good to learn that I need to make places exciting with my own lens. Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder.

Today the bus conductor said ‘thank you’ when I gave him the right change. Felt good about making his life a little bit easy. And he was sweet enough to stop the bus close to my workplace.

My faith in mankind refreshes itself once again. In this world where half the country wants paisa there are some others fools in this paradise!

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  • One thought on “winds and wanderings!

    1. Very True Indeed!!

      I have myself used public transport between states too and it adds adventure, you learn more about cultures, people etc….

      As you mentioned a small very inspiring episode very long ago on one such ride from belgaum to mumbai in a KSRTC bus, in those days i used to always take TATA buses and that particular day i took Ashok Leyland bus in a hurry in those days there were no express highways connecting pune and mumbai so the bus would take lonavala and khandala ghats, and i had encountered biggest and longest traffic jam, i was carrying a very small bag without any rain or warm gear and after 17 hours sitting in bus i knew i had to walk out of JAM it was 3 am and it was raining, i walked 10 kms odd and was drenched to the bone shivering and i walked to a tea stall for smoke and chay and shivering was getting from bad to worse when i realized someone said in marathi “tumi ghari chala bhau kapda badli karun ratri ikdej jhopa sakali maza scooter var sodoon det” i could not deny it during the day i had caught fever, i still remember the owner took me right upto kaki’s place in dadar on his scooter and when offered money he refused and just said bless us…. thats how our world is.

      Talking about travels well even sun baked rann which once was dreaded by people looks beautifull at night, try to shoot stars once from Little rann of kutch from varnu hillockyou would be amazed….

      Take Care


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