sand in my shoes…

I have been traveling so much. Once again I am in a situation where I really forget which city I am in when I wake up. My camera has been pretty unhappy with me as I have not done justice to it for a very long time. My blog almost threw me out today. There have been so many things in my head and I do keep thinking about saying them aloud but then there is hardly anytime to quickly type it all out. Most times it become a insignificant tweet. Half thought, not explained or explored in totality.

Anyways, I finally managed to get an internet connection at home and tried to promise myself that everytime I am at home, I should try and type things out that happened during the day. How is it that there was a time when I had the time to write about it all and ‘all’ used to be interesting.

So here’s snippets from my trips so far…

Mumbai: It was a fabulous ride between meeting several people at work and trying to look busy while waiting to meet someone in a office. Evenings were always meeting a different friend from a different part of life. Some from childhood – who laugh about how your hair has grown too long and they cannot recognise you. Some others who have known only for a few years but the silence over a lovely drink is most precious. There are the others you meet over coffee and wish that conversations and coffee would be unending.

Bangalore made me relive austalia when Nee took me to ‘The Biere Club’ The place smelt good and of freshly brewed beer. Made me nostalgic and happier. I walked the streets in Kormangala in the rain. I rememberd good ol days in EI when I would have to kill time between interviewing people for a post. Its great to watch endless hours of footage and the next day looking for a people to fit a certain role. But then you realise that you have missed the road.

Am ready to hit MP now!.. will soon talk about what I learnt in the past few days while I collected sand in shoes from several cities..


2 thoughts on “sand in my shoes…

    • I believe that traveling makes you a much stronger and wise person. I grew up seeing my dad travel and I think I took to that habit really well. While I do have a love-hate relationship with trains.. i think they have a janm-janm ka saath with me!! πŸ˜€

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