You finally managed to download the e copy of Lord of Rings on your ipad. Now I wonder if we will ever end up going for that walk I have been asking you to come along.

I lightly touch your hand, run my fingers on the little scar on your hand. It remind me of the day when our growlie bit you. For days your hands hurt and you had not been able to sketch or play the guitar. That scar reminds of several such hard times that we’ve seen together. Often those hard time have been silent sitting next to each other. Much like today. I usually sit next to you with the unending cup of coffee (that you highly disapprove of) and you stare back everytime I go and refill it.

It took us so many years of silence to realise that silence is what we share and enjoy with each other.

I remember the day when we were driving back from college. You had just bought your new car. We held hands and changed gears together. That day you had asked me, ‘if I would love you as much even when you were old, ugly and could barely speak?’

What has love got to do with age? With where we are? And what we would have for dinner.
The best part is that it does not depend on anything. The most free, flying and floating as ever…Wrinkles or no wrinkles!


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