Train stories

India bhale hi ho gaya ho 3G pe busy, but the real world still exists in the heart of India. MP still breathes crime, smuggling and all kinds of ‘do number ke dhandhe’.

So today I am traveling with a bunch of fat, ugly looking men who have only two reserved seats and the rest they say are RAC. They entered the train with great style and sat as if the train was built by and for them. A lady seating in the same section, quietly decided to move to the next boogie.

I watched patiently while they discussed if a gold watch is truly made of gold or just gold plated. And then the natak started as they decided to start drinking. Drinking in a train is like their hobby. No probably more than that, its like a celebration.

So while I wait for it to be 2am, when they reach Ratlam, I am hoping I will get some sleep with all this drama going on next to me.


2 thoughts on “Train stories

  1. Hey, Hope you’re doing better today….wish you’d sit away from those drunk men! A little worried bout you after reading your post.

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