‘Trainologs’, as all these ideas and sudden urges to write come while I sit staring outside train windows  (Sometimes while staring at them while waiting for another train to arrive). I have a feeling that I have spent more time traveling, than at one place in the 3 months. There was a time when I used to write 3 weeks and 3 cities, now I think I can say 3 days and 3 cities! While these trips have been more like ‘to sanity and back’, I feel they have taught me more than what I could learn in the past 30 years of my life…

Its because these journeys gave me to time to think about this journey called life. I have started making sense of mistakes, confusions and failure. I have realised, that I have to celebrate ‘myself; as noone does it better. I have to make ‘me’ happy first, to ensure that everyone around me is doing well too.

As work has made me into an antisocial being suddenly and I hardly get time to take pictures, I have lost all my flaky friends and am now left with the ones that are deeper than the tequilla shots I was having yesterday.

I have started watching television. I feel like a 30yr old, who works so much that she needs to sit in front of the television and stare mindlessly at it till she can fall off to sleep.

Dad and I have started talking about how middle class I am but how I have stepped into the caretaker shoes. Makes me feel old and a feel a little bit of weight on my shoulders. Most importantly the other day while driving back home a question tangled itself in my head. ‘When have I been the happiest in my life?’ – I kept going through frames from the past and then swooshed back the moment then. I realised that I have never felt more happy than NOW! Reminded of how a friend had recently described the ‘HERE and NOW’ person.

That’s what happens to you when are on the move constantly. You become the Here and Now person.


2 thoughts on “Trainologs

  1. I get it…the feeling of being “Here and Now”.

    You also start wondering about bits and pieces of life that you have left behind and then the confusion arises…what really makes sense in life and what does not…what belongs to you and what does not…and if does not belong to you then why?

    and then you start challenging the basics or rather start thinking about “Why is God playing Paintball with you”

    I so need a Train Journey soon 😀

    • Lets do the ST bus ride from Vadodara to Ahmedabad 🙂 and we blog!
      That reminds me, one ST bus ride that is totally worth it is from Manali to Dharmsaala 😀

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