A couple of weeks of fighting fever, cold and assorted infections, one feels like standing amidst a tornado.

Today as I sit looking up in the sky, I can see the big dipper pretty clearly. Its a rather pleasant evening today. I made myself a cup of tea and I finally feel at peace.

In the past few days as I tossed in bed, strange images from the past flashed in my head. They tried to affect the heart but I guarded it well this time. I sort of gave them the practical look and said, ‘listen I really don’t have the time for you’. At such times I feel strong, confident and motivated.

But health has a way of getting right in your face and showing you how weak it can make you. I told myself it was just another unit test that God was putting me through and tried to move on.

I am glad I did. I feel blank and empty but I know its better than feeling confused and heavy. As I stare at the fields right now, I can’t really see what’s instore but I am not scared. I feel I will be able to walk by.

Everytime I am unwell I realise that life teaches me a different lesson and I experience a paradigm shift.

So raising a toast to my fight with faith, I conclude that even if I were forced to succumb to a few days of quietness I am fighter after all!


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