Rajasthan in Baroda

The last four days were spent in Baroda with my teammates. We were gearing up for the Vadodara Marathon. The spirits were soaring high and the party seemed to have begun much before the Marathon was over. An evening was spent enjoying authentic Rajasthani cuisine. What stole the show were the dancers.
She looked so pretty, she caught my eye the moment I entered. I took my camera out and with a rather shy approach started clicking away…
What a face, what pain and what a story she told with the way she danced. Next comes my absolultey favourite shot of this dancer.

Over the weekend, we walked the Marathon togather, enjoyed lunch, dinner and some 5 meals in the day and ended the entire party with a power -packed performance by Sunidhi.

When over 45k people are present in the same place, there is definately some energy flowing!

I learnt that food, music and dance are best experienced in company of those who think alike!

(More about the Marathon in next blog and more photos on my photo blog http://www.cinnmint.wordpress.com)


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