in the name of love

“I dedicate this day to my lovely parents who taught me to love and to believe in this complex emotion.”

I have had crushes, been heartbroken, in love, hopelessly in love and betrayed.

It feels good to know that I had the chance to feel all these complex stages of love. And so I thought I would not feel scared this time. I would not hold myself in expressing the deepest desires of my heart and mind. I would pick this rather broken into a million pieces heart of mine and walk up to you and say,

“Make me believe that there is a way to mend this,

Remind me that risk is the second name of love.

Tell me that the story does not need an ending

and your silence does not have an explanation.

Tell me that, I don’t need to worry,

If we shall see each other again.

Ask me to follow you,

Without feeling the fear of being lost.

Remind me that the moonlight night

Has the answers to my questions

Reassure me that doubt is just a little valley

And distance a mere mountain

Wish me luck while I walk away

That you shall not just remain a memory…”

I set this thought free today like a butterfly would fly in the dark woods of thoughts.. I know you shall catch it one day and know that I sent it over to you)


2 thoughts on “in the name of love

  1. Awesome!!! I could feel it in my nerves as I read it… Really. Btw, have you heard the song, Tu — from Rang De Basanti! This reminded me of that song – that complete surrenderence, that letting go! I wish I can experience that!

  2. It’s been the best post I have read till date, so true. Just love the poem and can go on reading it.. Pure feelings!!

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