twitter karma

In the past 2years I have moved 2cities, 2 jobs travelled across some 7 cities, shifted my apartment thrice. This has taught me something that Vipassana talks about, that everything is ‘anichya’. It means its evechanging! I have met so any different kinds of people, got a lot o love and been heartbroken/disappointed as many times.

I was restarting life and I knew it was not going to be easy. Everytime I felt lonely I would have called Raoul or one o my other close friends or would go and watch a movie. Staying on my own brought me closer to mom and dad, everytime I go back home its celebration time, meeting friends in different cities feels like a little like going back home too!

Yesterday was the first time when I went all out to meet people whom I had no connections with. People who followed me on twitter. I discovered myself again I should say. All these years I had shut that of mine when I would go and smile at a stranger. But yesterday’s tweetup #vmeet in the #biglilcity of Vadodara, restored my faith in karma, connections and truly wonderful people.

Like @puneetsays: “@anarshukla This one is coming from my heart. We met, we talked, we laughed, we had fun as if we were long lost friends #Biglilcity #Vmeet”

That’s exactly how I felt. I was humbled to be with angelic souls that touch your heart. And hence I believe that when you truly want something the world conspires to make it happen.

So come follow me on twitter, I’ll introduce you to this new family to start with @animeshbhatt, @rjtejaljani, @meetbhatt_, @gauravjulkha1, @nipath11, @manansehgal, @rgunstoppable


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