a choice, a wait

Hopeless as it may sound, I await what my brain thinks is possible. I have been juggling between complex moments that make life worthwhile and a quest to conquer something that does not exist.

The matters of heart have no single answers but simply versions of two people, I understand that one of us needed to be brave. Needed to look in each others eyes and confront bitterness like it were a werewolf.

My heart and my mind seemed to have made peace with each other and have started functioning parallely. This often makes you sound like a rather curt, often rude and magically practical person. Even in such situations, the heart skips a beat just to remind you that you can still feel.

Its not a fault or a mistake and I do not find either of us guilty. Its just not correct. While nothing can explain or express what can be felt only music, poetry and the stars seems to tell this tale best. What often flows like a tear, today is being said with these words.

It’s wait worthwhile,
But I know it won;t ever end.

I know its a choice,
that either of us would not make

Its the chance I wish,
You would take.

What your ask of me,
Is not even mine.

What I expect from you,
is a hopeless lover’s dream

While I wait for fortune,
To change its color

I wish only for you,
To be you.


One thought on “a choice, a wait

  1. It was really beautiful. I liked the way you used both prose and poem, as i myself love to. And your choices of words, and adjectives. You know they say, adjectives kill a story but they enhanced yours. The way you explained every minute detail which needed and explanation, and left other details untouched for reader to imagine. The way you weaved around the emotions, it was fantastic. Loved it.

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