100 Hours 100 Pictures – The Story

It has been a long journey from me asking my dad for a Nikon FM 10 in my 10th grade to my finally buying the Nikon D5100 DSLR last year. A journey of 10 years when I traveled extensively for work and pleasure. As most people around me would confess that I am always on a train or waiting for a certain bus or killing time at an airport while the delayed flight gets even more delayed. Yes! there was a time when I would dream of sleeping in a different city and wake up realising I was in another.

Amongst all this craziness, I believe I managed to capture very few moments of peace, introspection and amazing stories with my lens. Its only when I started looking through all the pictures did I start recollecting more memories than I thought I had collected. Usually I tend to remember shots that I missed taking as the other lie safely in my SD card (strangely I even managed to lose one of my SD Cards!) But it was time I went through the harddrive clearing process (strange, how now we clear hard-drives while a few years back we used to clean attics!) to find alot of moments that had more to say then just a beautiful picture.

100 hours 100 pictures is my effort at going through some of my favourite places that have made a special place in my brain, my thoughts and the actions. Pondicherry taught me to hold on my foundations and Bhutan helped me find the peace in my heart. Ladakh much like the terrain that it is, taught me to live through cloudbursts, amongst fragile memories but ensuring that life was going to be the most interesting journey of them all!

I hope all of you will have something to share about these places and the portraits that I hold close to my heart..

Looking forward to your visits from 25th August, 12 noon – 29th August 4.00pm


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