100 Hours 100 Pictures #1

Pondicherry, Beach Road

Pondicherry, Beach Road

Story: At one point between 2007 – 2008 for about 7 months Neeti and I went to Pondicherry almost every month for a certain project. This shot is from the second or third trip when we decided to go a whole day earlier to just go and enjoy the weather and the peace that this place brought with it.

This shot if from the balcony of Hotel Ajanta on Beach Road, over looking the beach



5 thoughts on “100 Hours 100 Pictures #1

  1. You know what I love the most about this shot? Specially as the introductory shot? There is a certain amount of certainty (of will, dedication and promise) on the side of the viewer, who is on this side of the rails… and a lot of fogginess , confusion, on the other. Much like life. You take it one step at a time, letting the clouds make way for clarity – but still with faith and hope you do take that one step, at a time. Amazing. Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks Manya! yes this was a shot that Aakash selected and for reasons similar to the one that you have mentioned he wanted it to the first shot. I am glad it conveyed all that we had thought we wanted it to.

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