100 hours 100 Pictures #3

Colaba, Mumbai (A shot dedicated to my friend Mansi)

Taken during a lazy walk at colaba on a beautiful and breezy evening, this picture signifies ‘life’ for me and makes me think of conversations I have had with my friend Mansi. A lot of times when I cannot see what’s can’t really see what’s instore for me in life I feel much like this picture. But I know I need to keep walking ahead, for light shall follow and the path will carve itself out on its own.


10 thoughts on “100 hours 100 Pictures #3

  1. I know each picture has a unique memory associated to you, so all of them would be special! I thought this picture is the best, so far!! Shadow of hope clinging to the light of life!

    • Manoj, thanks for the visit. Are you in NASA:P Anyways the picture of the shot from my window at work has a few memories associated with you as well. Those were the days when we blogged so much more and had many lovely discussions

  2. What a beautiful picture, Anar! As I have always said, your photography has the quality of making the not-so-good-looking, beautiful! I couldn’t believe this was dirty old Mumbai! Love the light and shadows in the shot!

    • I never get tired of shooting mumbai. I think its the most fascinating place ever. Btw you must check out the Goa pictures too. There are some great shots I managed there too.

  3. Awwe, my beautiful, first and foremost a big hug! Yes. The journey of life. Beautiful with all its ups and downs, cobbles and pebbles, stumbles and falls. Beautiful picture. Soulful words.

    • thanks for the Hugs, Yes its wonderful to know that I can share this journey of life through pictures with you even if you are so far off

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