100 Hours 100 Pictures #4

Drive In Road, Ahmedabad

Taken from the the window at work on a gorgeous orange sky evening. During these days I was editing a series of videos on student misconceptions. During the day I would try and finish smaller tasks like looking at footage and making calls, then I would open the wind to see how nature had painted the evening. I used to get inspired from the random cloud patterns in the sky and start editing till late in the night. Undoubtedly the most satisfying work experience and a period when I was learning something new everyday!


6 thoughts on “100 Hours 100 Pictures #4

  1. This just soo very reminds me of my evenings spent in Ahmedabad and the memories enclosed !! Thanks Anar :))

  2. I am witness to the particular period you are referring to; Yes, those were the days which taught you many lessons of life. Keep revising the lessons and chapter from the period.. You will learn a lesson or two, each time you do so.

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