100 hours 100 Pictures #5

From my window, Surat

I lived in Surat for about a year before moving back to Ahmedabad last week. My evenings used to be pretty uneventful in the beginning, till I met some really sweet friends but, that too was only in the last few months. Till then almost every evening I used to stare at the moon and watch the clouds pass by. I used to wonder what kind of stories had these clouds picked up on thier way and if the craters on the moon were from enduring a lot that was happening around it. There were several conversations that the moon and I shared on lonely evenings. While I still get to meet mon ami – the moon every evening, for some reason it never seems the same. Probably one thing that I miss the most about the city is this view and my silent time spent capturing the moon.



2 thoughts on “100 hours 100 Pictures #5

  1. I have always been fascinated with the moon. This picture takes me back to my conversations with the moon. Ah, the poet, the lover, the lunatic in me!

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