100 hours 100 pictures #8

Sabarmati, Ahmedabad

Several such pipelines have been installed that pump in water from the Narmada into our rather fragile and always dry Sabarmati. This is a shot taken in early 2006. It is a little unsafe to make your way to these sections but thanks to a friend who stays next to one such pipeline we managed to jump over the walls and make our way there. There are really interesting blue doors, rusting well to add great character to the structure. It is beautiful to watch the river flow these days especially with riverfront being constructed on the either side.


2 thoughts on “100 hours 100 pictures #8

  1. classic one point perspective..
    while u had taken the effort, you could have tried various angles..i men atleast a two point perspective would be easy if u cud climb either side of the structures

    • Yes this is a very classic cliche shot, there is absolutely no place that you can climb. I was pretty much sitting on the one of the rods and almost hanging. It was more an adventure of being in a rather restricted area and on a side of Sabarmati that alot of people dont try to find their way.

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