100 Hours 100 Pictures #26

Best Friend’s Wedding

Weddings are special and I am an annoying photographer. Some of my closest friends are pretty angry when I am clicking as if it is a compulsive disorder at brithdays, weddings or just at a house party. Well, they are even more annoyed when the shots are something like what you see above. Well! the story goes that they usually hate the pictures taken by the official photographer and then they think my camera might have captured some faces. So for most my favourite people I am the most annoying, in the face photographer who forgot that there are colors. This is one of the few photos that has color, most other are black and white shots.


2 thoughts on “100 Hours 100 Pictures #26

  1. Wow!!! What a catch! 🙂 maybe those two are the “best friends” in your best friends wedding… :)… love the colours…

  2. But these are my favorite shots of all. They capture the wedding as a story of colors, celebration and pretty things! I wish more people covered shots like these!

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