100 hours 100 Pictures #28

Conversations at a Market in Leh, ladakh

(dedicated to amazing memories with Nandini and Nisha) The trip to Ladakh were the most introspective days of my life. It taught me to deal with humans, nature and an emotional journey to understand relationships. This picture is from the first day in Leh. We had spent the day simply getting used to the air pressure, temperature and the terrain. While we couldnt resist going and exploring the city we walked down the road to a local market. Functional only at certain times of the year due to climatic conditions these are small markets set up by people who travel from the east to Leh during the tourist seasons. Most of it is bead jewellery, bone and wooden accessories. What has always fascinated me is the nomadic lives of these people, who seem to find home where they lay their head. Childhood for most these kids must be much more exciting than our as we tend to follow routines. I wonder if these kids know how lucky they are to be able to spend their lives in such heavenly locations like Leh. This child was very curious and kept coming back to his mum every now and then to tell her what he had found.


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