100 Hours 100 Pictures #38

My friend Elizabeth at Law Garden, Ahmedabad

My neighbour, friend and gym partner, Elizabeth is more family than a friend. She and I have lovely stories to share and adventures that we do around Ahmedabad. Its amazing how we have some there are few parallels in our lives and relationships and often know that there would be very few people who might understand the gravity of the issue. She is my window to my own city that I would have never opened. Its always wonderful to have someone in your life who manages to discover the city with a completely new perspective. Like, this one day, she managed to spot a shop called ‘Hitler’ and was aghast by the whole idea of there being a store by that name. I found it amusing too, but culturally it was more shocking for her than me. Every single day is a story and experience in itself, whether it is cooking on her hot plate or simply meeting our new neighbours at the gym. This picture is dedicated to my companion and partner in crime.



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