100 Hours 100 Pictures #47

An amazing cup of chai at Katra, Jammu

This weather was just perfect for a cup of Chai, but the company when I took this shot was not. after a quick trip the Vaishnav Devi temple we were returning that evening to Jammu. It was like this one day that we had taken off from work. I wished we had had the time to sit down and enjoy this cup of tea as well. But Alas!

Well, the reason why I selected this shot today, was of a recent memory of having chai in pretty much a similar cup in Surat with a very dear friend. The last three days I spent in Surat, it seemed like the city knew I was leaving. Moo Moo as i fondly call him, was not going to be there on the last two so we had decided to drive around the city at around 1am, while listening to Lemon tree, That thing you do and the likes. We had met only a few days back, I had never mentioned what music I like or my secret wish to drive around the city while it sleeps. It was all falling into place and Moo Moo suggested we drive towards a certain chai stall. Music filled the car and we silently slipped into our own world of memories. Sometimes you know that the that moment that you share then, is more important than what had passed by. You know deep down in your heart that the mind is recollecting rather painful memories but a certain angel sitting next to you makes it bearable for now. Sometimes people walk into your life to teach you that its important to smile, fall in love all over again and that all the risks and mistakes that you made were worth it. Moo Moo, you teach me that imperfection is beautiful, incomplete is a state of mind and that life is about living someone else’s smile.


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