100 Hours 100 Pictures #48

Harbour, Cochin

Sometimes when you travel with childhood friends for the first time, you really dont know what to expect. But knowing a friend really well or for very long has nothing to do with traveling with her. This is a completely different ball game. Traveling can bring out the best and the worst in a person and you might not have seen that side of them unless you were traveling with them. Our first day was a great as we admired the Harbour sitting in our window, having a glass of wine or two in the evening and enjoying the breakfast at a rather late hour. But then started the drama. No! it was not the drama that either of us put up. We had a rather intrusive fellow on the table next to us, who happen to start a conversation with me and self invited himself to our table. This completely ruined the serene calm moments between two friends. Towards the end of breakfast, my friend almost threw her napkin and excused herself away, while I had to say I was expecting an important call and run away. This was hillarious and annoying at the same time. So I had an annoying stranger and a rather furious friend to deal with by lunch time. This picture was taken in the evening when I had almost settled things with my friend by staying silent all day and not smiling at anyone but I was still dreading the intrusion of a rather annoying stranger the next day. That account of the next day I will leave for another day for now enjoy the sun through the fishing nets!


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