100 Hours 100 Pictures #73


Beer, Candles n extended Memories, Goa

Am not too much of a beer fan. One evening when we had been working really late at work, a colleague and I decided to go check out the shacks. Seriously disappointed was I. It had nothing more to offer than cheap food and beer. The beaches were dirty and people were a little too drunk at that hour and I was not!

The reason to post this picture was more due to a recent encounter with beer so much that Swapnali Das has now got a phrase, “I wish you were beer” coined after it. Sometimes you need a pitcher to make life come back to normal. This evening had rain, pizza, a lovely friend, great memories for discussion and Beer! To an evening spent talking about everything and everyone that matters, to the madness without which life would be empty and to dreams that will come true!


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